Personalized Denim Jacket

$ 1,149.99

Limited Edition


These bespoke denim jackets are custom designed at your request. Embellished by hand and featuring any artwork from the KaiOnyx catalog, each jacket is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that’s sure to grab everyone’s eyes wherever you go.

Due to the extremely personalized nature of this product, it cannot be returned. As a custom made item, delivery times will vary and can take as long as 12 weeks.

You will be contacted after you place your order to gather specifics about your jacket: theme, colors, jacket weight, size, etc.

Over 30% of the net profit from this item will be donated to the LGBT charity of your choice.

Note: Jackets pictured here are actual customer jackets and are shown as examples of finished products only; they are not available for sale.

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